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Do you run a marketing campaign on the Internet? Would you like to gain a competitive advantage in the SEO field? If it's difficult to find your business or company website in popular search engines, you can improve its visibility by using some proven SEO tactics. Actually, SEO web hosting is the easiest and really effective way to increase your search engine positioning.

However, before choosing a SEO hosting platform for your web project, you need to have a clear understanding about how it works. One of the most important factors for gaining top search engine positioning in Google, Yahoo and Bing is to have the amount of quality inbound links pointing your project from other websites. SEO hosting or multiple IP hosting is designed to make overall link building process more effective allowing you to create your own site network interlinked with each other.

Our SEO web hosting with dedicated C-Class IP addresses from different locations around the US allows you to place multiple sites under a single hosting account with multiple dedicated IPs (from 5 to 385 addresses and more).

SEO hosting packages from Biggest-Hosting.com include the same general features as other shared hosting packages except the amount of dedicated IPs available. In addition, our multiple IP hosting solutions come with free private nameservers and private rDNS records for each of your domains.

There are many reasons why our C-Class IP hosting can be more benefitial than standard web hosting options. Besides the ability to receive own dedicated C-Class IP addresses in different geographical locations and achieve higher search engine placement, you can host your mission-critical projects in one reliable place.

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