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Dedicted IPS SEO Hosting

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We are the only company that provides SEO hosting in different locations: New Jersey, Seattle, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Washington D.C., North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, California, Kansas, Tennessee, Oregon, Kentucky, Maryland, Florida. Georgia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ohio, New Mexico, Oklahoma which in return allows to improve your search engine positioning.

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Are you going to host each of your domains on a different C-Class ip address? If yes then you have came to the right place. As you may be aware successful Search Engine Optimization starts with having each of your sites hosted on a different dedicated ip address. Browse through our SEO web hosting packages and see the difference. Our SEO hosting solutions come with WHM and cPanel and private nameservers for each of your domains, private rdns records, PHP 4 & 5, MySQL 5, SSH access, Fantastico, unlimited addon/parked domains, etc. See FAQs regarding our SEO hosting plans.

We also offer free site migration, free placement of 'unlimited' number of cPanel accounts on each C-Class ip and free same file upload feature - we will move your site over to us for free if you sign up for a multiple IP hosting account and also if needed upload the same files to your domains free of charge. Ex: you need to create 100 blogs and we can have them created automatically for you free of charge - for unlimited number of domains.


SEO Hosting Per C-Class Price per month Web Space Bandwidth Sign Up Today
 5 C-Classes  $4.70 / c-class $23.5 22GB 220GB  
 10 C-Classes $4.70 / c-class $47 42GB 420GB
 25 C-Classes $4.70 / c-class $117.5 82GB 820GB
 50 C-Classes $3.70 / c-class $185 102GB 1020GB
 70 C-Classes $3.70 / c-class $259 122GB 1222GB
 100 C-Classes $3.70 / c-class $370 142GB 1422GB
 125 C-Classes $3.70 / c-class $462.5 162GB 1662GB
 150 C-Classes $3.70 / c-class $555 182GB 1882GB
 200 C-Classes $3.70 / c-class $740 202GB 2020GB
 250 C-Classes $3.70 / c-class $925 230GB 2300GB
 300 C-Classes $3.70 / c-class $1,110 242GB 2420GB
 350 C-Classes $3.70 / c-class $1,295 360GB 3600GB
 400 C-Classes $3.70 / c-class $1,424.5 410GB 4100GB
 450 C-Classes $3.70 / c-class $1,665 460GB 4600GB
 500 C-Classes $3.70 / c-class $1,850 510GB 5100GB
 550 C-Classes $3.70 / c-class $2,035 560GB 5600GB
 700 C-Classes $3.70 / c-class $2,590 580GB 5800GB
 900 C-Classes $3.70 / c-class $3,330 600GB 6000GB
 1,000 C-Classes $3.65 / c-class $3,650 620GB 6200GB
 1,200 C-Classes $3.65 / c-class $4,380 660GB 6600GB
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